This BBC mock up of what a gaming / live TV show might look like is as shit as you’d expect


Look, don’t get me wrong, I love the BBC, but this is A-grade bollocks:

This short video, created by the BBC’s R&D department, is an attempt to visualise how the company could integrate live game streaming within the more traditional environment of a live studio broadcast.

The end result is shoddy, cheesy, and about as on the mark as you’d expect a BBC show about live streaming videogames to be.

“Multiplayer Broadcasting blends live TV shows with the interactivity of online games by placing audience avatars and presenters into a shared virtual world,” says the BBC. “Not only does this give audience members a chance to interact and communicate with live performers, but they are no longer limited by real world locations. We see it as the next iteration of audience participation shows in a broadcast-VR enabled future.”

The clips is, obviously, at this point nothing more than experiment, produced purely for the BBC to “identify the technical challenges involved in making this experience a reality”.

Here’s a suggestion, Beeb: Don’t. Just. Don’t. You know what was a good example of gaming coverage on your service? Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe, and you only ever let him make one.


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