Super Penguins

We find out just why these penguins are so super in the first place.

By Liam Richardson on September 23, 2012

[gameinfo title="Game Info" game_name="Super Penguins" developers="SuperSolid" publishers="SuperSolid" platforms="Android (Reviewed), iOS" genres="Action" release_date="September 2012"]

Super Penguins, a free mobile game for iOS and Android, is a fun timewaster that the whole family can enjoy.

Taking (heavy) influence from the incredibly popular Temple Run, Super Penguins sees the player controlling an assortment of cute animals (primarily penguins) as they try to collect fish within an infinite course packed to the brim with evil octopuses, perilously slim platforms and dastardly drops.

Controls are incredibly easy, as is common with this type of game. You move by tilting the device left and right, and jump by tapping the screen. Although it may seem simple enough, the further you get the trickier the game becomes, and things become especially tense as your score breaks past the 1000 mark.

If things become too difficult however, you can always spend your fish on temporary (or permanent) upgrades which will make the whole experience easier overall. You can also collect in-game upgrades, which give the player perks such as temporary invincibility, amongst other things.

Although Super Penguins has a strong emphasis on buying upgrades with fish (and like all free-to-play games on mobile platforms these days, the game does try and force you into using real money in order to acquire them in bulk) you’re still able to purchase them using nothing more than the fish you’ve collected organising in-game, meaning you can easily see everything the game has to offer without ever spending a penny.

Even though I had a few problems with the gameplay (such as icicles randomly dropping directly in-front of me, resulting in an infuriatingly cheap death) overall the game ran without any real problems.

Presentation wise, Super Penguins is surprisingly pretty in its execution. Sure it’s no Infinity Blade, but the cutesy character designs and the smooth animations are hard to criticize. The game’s soundtrack is also pleasant, but this is no real surprise considering it was composed by Disasterpeace, who was responsible for the melodies found in this year’s XBLA smash hit FEZ.

Overall, Super Penguins is a fun little timewaster that can’t really be faulted. Although not fantastic, it’s a good enough alternative to Temple Run to keep you, and the kids, entertained for some time.

The Verdict